What does HR looks for

So now that we know the importance of HR interview round, what exactly does an HR look for during the interview ? Here are few core parameters, that most companies will try to evaluate a fresher against, during the HR round.

Communication skill

Some candidates think, this is language skill. Sorry to disappoint, but communication is not always about language. It's neither about your American accent nor Shakespearean English. Of course you need the basic skill to talk in English, but nothing more. The three key elements of good communication are


It's pretty common for a freshers to get intimidated by the environment and the interviewers and to feel lot of nerves. But hey RELAX! Understand the fact that the company wants you as much as you need them. They called you in for HR round, because they want to select you, not reject you. So just be yourself, like you would be at your home or college playing with your friends. Few things what shows confidence are

Compatibility with the company

Each company has a different working culture. When a company evaluates a candidate, one major quality they will look for is how compatible you are with their working culture. Although you get information online on major corporates, preparing for this becomes slightly tricky for lesser known companies. So getting prepared for this part is not 100% feasible, but here are few things you can do, to avoid failing this.


The USP of a fresher to any company is the flexibility in utilizing his/her ability within its different operations - This could be for an expansion plan, an existing delivery process, for a product development team. This is only effective, only if the learning ability of a candidate is strong and steep enough - that is efficient and quick. The learning could be of a new technology, a new culture, a new life style.


Of course you know this - the compensation. A fresher doesn't hold much bargaining power. But nevertheless, this is a common question asked during the interview. "What is your expected CTC?" Learn about the fresher's package of the company & try to stay within the limits. All that a HR is trying to look here is, are you really interested in a company like theirs. So when a mid level company usually offers a package of 3-4 L for a fresher, and your answer is 10L, then it says you are looking for a top level company.